5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Neon Wedding Sign

You are about to the marry the person of your dreams. You have the opportunity to think long and hard about what you say on that special day. We have had the honour of being part of multiple weddings including working with the incredible Pop Up Chapel in Toronto.

Here are a few things to have in mind.

1. Have a budget.

A neon wedding sign can be expensive. The cost depends on the size, weight, and the amount of neon tube required. Be aware that LED lights are different from neon glass tubes. LED lighting is less costly, easier to transport, and lighter. For a sign 3 feet across, the ballpark is $400.00, 4 feet - $500.00, 5 feet - $600 etc.

2. Be Authentic.

Personally, I would love to write out the message myself (If I had nicer penmanship, but it’s something to consider). You will be looking at these photographs forever. Rather than using what you see on Pinterest, consider what you really want to tell your partner. Take your time. 

3. Find a reputable producer.

This is a big one. When we started this little venture, I went through 9 producers (some overseas some “local-ish”) 7 out of 9 were disasters, 1 mediocre and 1 stunning. I settled on this beautiful little worship in South East China. They are a pleasure to work with, and their product is clean, precise and of the highest quality. They stand by their product, as do I. 

4. Practice Taking pictures with it.

Not going to lie. Taking photos isn’t as easy as Pinterest has you believe. (Unless you have a new Android or Iphone of course) The backlight can make the subjects appear like shadows. I swear by my lume cube (look it up, it will change your life). It’s a portable little light that illuminates the subject.

5. Think about what you will do with your signs afterwards.

This is actually my favourite part. Where will you put it in your home? Bedroom? Baby’s room? I highly recommend using a dimmer in this case. The sign can be super bright. Think of the colour, the size and your room's layout. I’ll work with you to find something that goes not only with your wedding décor, but with your space afterwards.

This really means the world to us and is precisely why we do this. I hope that in some small way, these words impact the futures of the beautiful couples, and when they look back at the photos, the words they lit up somehow set the stage for their lives for the years to come.

 Photo Cred. Painted White Photography