Doing Well by Doing Good

This is our WHY

When my son was only a few days old, he wasn’t putting on any weight. So, like any Torontonian new mom, we were referred to SickKids. When I walked by the waiting room and saw a room full of parents, I couldn’t help but believe that I was simply one of the lucky ones. On one hand I was thankful for my child’s health, but on the other, I understood that it takes a village, and that as parents we have to support one another, each other’s children, contribute all we can to those who need the help, and be there for one another in any way we can.

I hope that I (or anyone) won’t ever need SickKids, but I’m grateful that if ever my child requires the best medical care in the world – it’s at our doorstep.

I have been a proud SickKids supporter since becoming a parent, and I’m delighted to report that we are now, as a small business, taking every opportunity possible to do what we can. Look for our VS signs around the organization, our signs at auctions, events, but more than anything – look out for notifications on Instagram and online informing of events and pieces I will be selling and donating 100% of the proceeds to SickKids Hospital.