Custom Neon

Before we begin this journey together, let me start off by explaining how this works.

Step 1

Submit your idea. Together, we will come up with a design appropriate to be replicated using neon LED tubing. 

Step 2

After a design is chosen, we will draft a mock-up replicating the neon tube, the backing acrylic. mounting holes and the power supply.

Step 3

There are 3 ways to mount your design to the acrylic:

- cut to letter (appropriate only for small pieces)

- cut to shape (preferred)

- square or rectangle acrylic piece.

Step 4

Receive your quote. For a general idea on prices, please have a look at the pieces on the website.

Step 5

Once the payment is completed, the order is executed. Upon completion, we will send you an image of the completed sign. After your approval, your sign is shipped to your door.


The total turnaround time is 10-14 days from payment to your sign arriving at your doorstep.